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Beethoven@250 Festival Announced!

It’s no secret that somewhere around this time, 250 years ago, a remarkable young man was born in Bonn, Germany.  There’s a bit of a debate about the actual date of Beethoven’s birth but we have a baptism certificate for December 17, 1770 so this is the week we celebrate!

Why do we celebrate Beethoven’s legacy? What sets him apart from other composers? There are many ways to respond to these questions but the first answer that comes to mind is that he really was the agent of transition from the Classical to the Romantic style.  His emotional scope ranges from a light walk in the countryside to fate knocking on the door in the most menacing 4-note motive one could have concocted .

The scope of Beethoven’s music can be seen very clearly in his sonatas for piano and violin, of which there are ten. These pieces range from his early output (op. 12) to near the end of his middle period (op. 96.) The emotional sweep of these ten sonatas is remarkable.

Concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Jonathan Crow

We are thrilled to have Jonathan Crow, concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony, and pianist Philip Chiu performing all ten of these works for our audience in a mini festival happening from Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 to Saturday, April 25th, 2020. . Venues will be various performance spaces in West Vancouver and Point Grey (Vancouver.)

Celebrated Canadian pianist, Philip Chiu

Come join us as we celebrate this wonderful composer and his music which has an enduring comment on the human condition.

Happy birthday, Beethoven!

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