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Hosting Müzewest Musicians

We are seeking people who are able to host your musicians. They need accommodation for 2-7 days normally. The amount of time varies per musician.

Bare necessities that you need to offer as a host:

  1. Private bedroom

  2. Towels

  3. Shower and bathroom facilities (but these can be shared between musician and your family members.)

  4. Smoke-free home environment (This includes cannabis.)

It’s great if you can also offer (but not necessary):

  1. A piano on which to practise

  2. Airport pickup and drop-off

  3. Transportation to and from rehearsals and concerts

  4. Breakfast

  5. Coffee (This is the pre-practice ritual!)

If you’re able to host a musician, please email us at muzewest@gmail.com.

Image result for classical musicians at home dutch art

Painting by Jan Steen (1626-1679)

Just thinking of the fun you can have getting to know a professional musician and the conversations you can share! The connections made can last a lifetime.

Image result for classical musicians at home dutch art

Music livens up any home!

Hosting a classical musician in your home for a short period of time is an enriching experience and we are truly grateful for your support. Please contact us via email if you can host: muzewest@gmail.com.

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