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Meet violinist, Aylen Pritchin!

We are thrilled to be presenting violinist Aylen Pritchin!  He will be performing a tantalizing program of early 20th Century French music (ranging from late Romantic to Impressionist) with pianist Lukas Geniušas.

Their concert is on Monday, April 29, 2019 at 19:00.  The venue is Tom Lee Music at 728 Granville Street, Vancouver BC.

Here is an interview between Larisa Sviridova and Aylen Pritchin, in anticipation of his Western Canada début!


Aylen Pritchin, violinist, Mozart-fan, and Math enthusiast!

L.S.  Aylen, what is your violin for you? Is it just a musical instrument, a tool or it is a close friend?

A.P. Of course, violin means for me much more than just an instrument. I started to play at 6, so, after so many years it became a part of myself, my body, my soul.

L.S. Being an exceptional musician as well as having a talent in physics and mathematics you often comment on a special relationship or  connection between music and science. Can you explain?

A.P. If you feel an inspiration to compose a symphony or a sonata you need a plan, a structure to develop your ideas. When we listen to Mozart’s symphonies, or look at a beautiful church, usually we admire the result without realizing how it was achieved. One of the most amazing examples is the famous Bach’s Chaconne which structure is based on golden sections proportions!

L.S. If you had a chance to spend one evening and share a dinner with one of the greatest composers of the past, who would that be and why?

A.P. Mozart. I’m sure you don’t need explanations. (He says with a smile!)

L.S. If you had a chance to get one lesson from one of the best violinists of the past, who would that be any why?

A.P. Ysäye, because of his limitless fantasy and creative playing.

L.S. There is a long history of musical collaboration between you and Lukas Geniušas. What makes your duo successful?

A.P.  I think that the most important element of our duo is our friendship. After many years, we’ve had a great influence on each other both musically and personally. Each time, I’m really looking forward to play with Lukas.

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