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Piano Fest 2015!

We are absolutely thrilled about our upcoming three-day piano festival.  It’s going to be three evenings of fantastic music by extremely skillful and engaging performers!

Thursday, November 26th, 2015 – 7:30 PM – Piano Pinnacle at Pyatt Hall (843 Seymour – 2nd floor). BUY TICKETS FOR PIANO PINNACLE

Friday, November 27th, 2015 – 7:30 PM – Michael Noble at the VSO School of Music (843 Seymour – 4th floor) BUY TICKETS FOR MICHAEL NOBLE

Saturday, November 28th, 2015 – 7:30 PM – David Witten at the VSO School of Music (843 Seymour – 4th floor) BUY TICKETS FOR DAVID WITTEN

We caught up with the performers via e-mail and asked for their thoughts on the piano and the upcoming

Qu‎estion 1: What is it about the piano that makes it so special?

Piano Pinnacle: The piano is an old patient friend. A mirror against one’s inner soul, which sits with you everyday to recount eloquently, the many things that words could not have possibly expressed. Piano has shaped our lives in ways we could not have imagined. We met as a result of our mutual acquaintance with this old friend, and it is the glue that binds us in our partnership, in life and in music.

Michael Noble: As a child playing by ear, I always appreciated the fact that I could harmonize tunes I heard on the radio on the piano. The ability to reduce something as complex as a symphonic score onto a keyboard, and to try to imitate the timbres of different instruments of the orchestra or of the human voice has always entranced me. In piano music, I like to think in the reverse: to make the piano into an orchestra, and to convey instrumental or vocal timbres.

David Witten: More often than not, the composers for piano were pianists themselves. And after studying many pieces by any one single composer, it is fascinating to begin to understand how their hands felt on the keyboard — the shapes of their chords and keyboard passages  can become your own shapes. Finally, you can convince yourself of your obligation to represent them – especially if they are no longer here to present their music  themselves!

Question 2: What are you most looking forward to sharing with our audience at PianoFest?

Piano Pinnacle: Each concert gives us the opportunity to share with the audience the pieces we have lived with, studied, and cherished for much time. We will present an eclectic mix of repertoire appealing to all tastes, from J.S. Bach’sJesu Joy of Man’s Desiring to contemporary Japanese music for two pianos. For this concert, we are particularly excited to give the premiere of a brand new composition by Iman, and return to our hometown of Vancouver and the beautiful Pyatt Hall.

Michael Noble: Mostly I’m excited to be presenting my program to a new audience in a city and country in which I have not previously performed. I am particularly looking forward to sharing Frederic Rzewski’s music, which is not often heard and somewhat underrated, to the audience. However, the entire program is very special to me, and I am thrilled to be sharing this with an international audience in Vancouver.

David Witten: I am looking forward to presenting such a varied assortment of composers. They range from rather unknown, to very famous, yet they were all good composers and good pianists!

Come join us for these performances!

Piano Pinnacle, international artists and competition winners!

Piano Pinnacle, international artists and competition winners!

Professor David Witten, international pianist.

Graduate of the Yale University School of Music, Michael Noble.

Graduate of the Yale University School of Music, Michael Noble.

Professor David Witten, international pianist.

Professor David Witten, international pianist.

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