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About Us

Founded in 2013 in beautiful Vancouver BC, Muzewest is a non-profit organization focused on presenting fine concerts from talented, exciting classical musicians.  Music is our passion and we hope to share it with you, the good people of the Lower Mainland.  Our desire is to bring high quality performances at an affordable price.

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Board of Directors

David Visentin, President

Roger Parton, Treasurer
Kristina Konkov
Man Hei Li

Miya Otake

Braxton Raymond

Julianna Rouse

Honorary member - Ryan Erwin

Operations Team

Jennifer West, Co-founder, Executive and Artistic Director

Clare Chan, Production Assistant

Isabel Leong, Production Assistant

Video: Mark Mushet, Jade Yang (Bonjour Digital)

Audio Recording: Chris Haas, James Pere

Podcast Editing: Josh Short

Design and Marketing: Sehrish Hoodbhoy, Amanda Perley, Andrew Walsh

Photography: Diamond's Edge Photography


You are a member if:


  • You’re over 16 and purchased a ticket to a Müzewest Concerts’ recital in the last twelve months

  • You are over 16 and have received a free ticket to a Müzewest Concerts’ recital in the last twelve months

  • You’re over 16 and have volunteered at a Müzewest Concerts’ event in the last twelve months

  • You’re a member of our board of directors


As a member of our society you can:

  • Vote at our AGM

  • Be an ambassador for our organization 

  • Indicate interest to be on our board of directors

  • Attend our AGM and have your voice heard


Our Vision:

  • Each artist that performs at a Müzewest recital gives a concert in a local public school.  This concert is at no charge to the school!

  • Each artist that performs at a Müzewest recital gives a Masterclass for students of their particular instrument

  • Müzewest firmly believes that music education helps young people develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually.  Our priority is that young people and individuals studying music (in all capacities) have access to wonderful performances.

  • Müzewest strongly feels that culture should be affordable to a variety of socioeconomic groups. Our ticket prices reflect our desire that people from any financial background should be able to attend an extremely high quality classical music concert.

  • Classical music has the power to change people’s lives and shape our communities. Given the influence that this art form can have, it is imperative that financial reasons NOT restrict people from accessing this amazing music.

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