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Why should you donate

We are grateful, in advance, for your financial support of a project that is so dear and close to our hearts. Through these free school concerts, over 1300 children’s lives have been touched by the gift of live classical music. At least 30 minutes of their day have been spent in the reflective, calm, and inspiring presence of live music – played by musicians who genuinely care for their community.

What does your donation go toward?
  • Cost of the artists’ fee (this is so that the school doesn’t pay a cent for educational concerts!)

  • Transportation of the artist

  • Venue rental when the school does not have suitable facilities

Our Sponsors


The Largest Music School in Richmond, BC – World of Music and Arts was established in 1997. In September 2015, the school has moved into the new state-of-the-art facility designed especially for music lessons, to accommodate over 600 students and 25 teachers. WMA focuses both on professional music instructions preparing for university auditions, as well as lessons for pure music enjoyment.


We are so grateful to the following businesses and individuals who have supported us financially:

Fifth Chord Studios (B1 – 625 Fifth Ave, New Westminster, BC)

Aphrodite’s Cafe & Pie Shop (3598 West 4th Avenue)

Tenth & Proper (4483 West 10th Avenue)

Honey Doughnuts & Goodies (4373 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver, BC)

Professor Stephen J. Toope, Toronto, ON

Ms. Paula Rosen, Toronto, ON

Del’s Trucking Ltd., Red Deer, AB

Lindi M. Lewis, Vancouver, BC

Dennis K. Perley, Kelowna, BC

Judith P. West, Vulcan, AB

James Buck, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Christy Chu, Montréal, QC

Clara Bates, Red Deer, AB

Donald Derrick, Auckland, New Zealand

Samantha Singh, Vancouver, BC

David Haskins, Vancouver, BC

Naomi Woo, Cambridge, UK

Irina Faletski, Vancouver, BC

Ian S. Perley, Kelowna, BC

Hannah Ellix, Toronto, ON

Dr. Nicolas Klein, Montreal, QC

Wires Law, Toronto, ON

Nick Asik, Toronto, ON

Shane Smith, Vancouver, BC

Benjamin Martin, Vancouver, BC

Brook Jones, Vancouver, BC

Wing Piderman, Vancouver, BC

Soul Energy Healing, Vancouver, BC

Yuen Pau Woo, Vancouver, BC

Steve Toren, Vancouver, BC

Raymond Greenwood, Vancouver, BC

Stephen and Jessica Aument, Witchita Falls, TX

Eitan G. Pinsky, Vancouver, BC

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